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Premier Holter Monitoring Systems and Holter Recording Software from the Bravo Company

Holter Monitoring System

The Template edit feature is the fastest and most efficient method in the Holter monitoring industry for insuring accurate counts of VE, SVE, and Aberrant arrhythmia beats. All abnormal beats can be instantly reviewed and edited for Pauses, fast HR 2:1 blocks, longest R-R intervals, ST Episodes, V-Runs, V-Pairs, V-Bigeminy, V-Trigeminy, VE's, SV-Runs, SV-Bigeminy, SV-Trigeminy, R on T, Min HR, and Max HR.

This menu assures the Holter systems operator that the printed Holter ECG report will be accurate. This results from high quality screen displays that permit a review and, if needed, a quick change in any data that will end up in the final Holter ECG report.

Holter  Monitoring Software
Template Editing
Holter Monitoring Software Recorder
Abnormal ECG Events at 16 per Page
All categories of Abnormal ECG events can be instantly displayed. For example, if there were 48 VE-Pair events, you can easily display 3-pages of these events. Within 10-seconds you can verify that all 48 VE-Pairs are accurate. If one or more of the displayed events is not a VE-Pair, then it can be immediately re-classified.

Any displayed ECG event can be immediately enlarged into a large 8-second ECG for detailed viewing. Any ECG beat can be immediately edited and/or re-classified.

Each time the patient presses the event button on the Holter monitoring recorder, a special signal is placed on the memory card in the digital Holter recorder. This ECG event is automatically displayed on this ECG Strip menu, and time is accurate within 1-second. The patient activity and symptom can be entered for each automatic ECG event, so that the patient activity and symptom is printed on the ECG strip.

This menu also allows the Holter monitoring system operator to select 1, 2, or 3 events from each Abnormal ECG category. Within 1-second, all of the Abnormal and Event Button ECG's are listed on the right side of this menu. Any listed ECG can be reviewed and, if desired, deleted. An ECG from any portion of the Holter recording can be added to this menu.

This menu also allows a 12-Lead ECG strip to be printed from any ECG listed on this menu.

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
ECG Strip Menu
Holter Monitoring System Software & Recorder
ECG 8 Second Display
This menu has many unique features that are very much appreciated by experienced Holter monitoring system operators. The high resolution graphics gives a clear viewing of P-waves and Q-waves. The 1-minute ECG is shown at the top of the display. All arrhythmia beats are color coded in the 1-minute display. The PgUp and PgDn functions, with either the mouse or keyboard, slides the data instantly backward and forward in time. In less than 10-seconds the operator can see all the ECG data that is 5-minutes before and after the target ECG data.
Holter Monitoring System provides any ECG beat can be immediately edited. Simply move the mouse to an ECG beat and perform a right mouse click. Then a single command with either the mouse or keyboard will immediately re-classify the individual beat. A unique "Ruler" function allows the precise measurement of intervals and amplitudes. The measurement is printed on the ECG strip.