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Premier Holter Monitoring Software from The V Bravo Company

Holter Monitor Menu

This menu is for Holter operators who choose to rely on Full Disclosure. Some users prefer to review each page of Full Disclosure, and then determine if any of the hourly counts estimated from viewing the Full Disclosure page need to be edited.

Holter Monitoring Software
Hourly count Menu
Holter Monitoring Software
Page Scan

Disclosure of Holter Monitor

Full Disclosure can also be viewed on the computer's screen display. The user can select a display of 10-minutes, 20-minutes, or 30-minutes. A rectangular box surrounds an 8-second ECG from any portion of the Page Scan display. The enlarged 8-second, 3-channel ECG is shown at the lower left corner. All beats are color-coded for VE, SVE, Pause, and Normal. The lower right section of the display shows the R-R interval graph for each beat of the minute in which the rectangular box is located. Each R-R interval is also color-coded.

The mouse can also move the rectangular box to any location in the Page Scan. Also, arrow keys can be pointed at any single color-coded beat, and immediately edited.

At any time the user can instantly display the large 8-second ECG display for data shown in the rectangular box.

1 Minute Holter Monitor Analysis

This menu correlates multi-analysis for any 1-minute of ECG holter monitoring data. The menu shows a 24-hour analysis on a minute-by-minute basis for the following types of ECG analysis:

  • Min-Max-Avg Heart Rate
  • All 3-channels of ST analysis
  • Ventricular Arrhythmia's
  • Supra Ventricular Arrhythmia's
  • Heart Rate Variability holter monitoring
Holter Monitoring Software
Mega Scan
The vertical marker can be instantly moved to any minute of the 24-hour trends. That 1-minute of ECG holter monitoring data is shown at the bottom of the display. On instant command the display can be converted to the large 8-second ECG display. This menu allows the user to absorb instantly the inter-action and correlation of abnormal ECG events with several other ECG analysis functions.
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
Validation of ST Segment Analysis
A vertical marker is located on the exact location of each beat from which the ST depression or ST elevation is measured. This provides instant visual verification that the ST is being measured from the correct location in the ST Segment. If the location is incorrect, the entire 24-hour Holter monitor ECG can be "re-analyzed" with the ST sample point in the proper location. This "re-analysis" takes approximately 1-minute.

The analysis for ST is performed in both Delta and Absolute ST formats. The user can choose which ST format is reported in the various Holter ECG report pages.

ST analysis is performed independently on all channels of ECG monitoring data on a beat-to-beat basis. All ventricular, artifact, and wandering baseline beats are eliminated from ST analysis.
This is unique in Holter Monitor ECG. This is a true diagnostic SAECG Late Potentials. The frequency response for the digital Holter recorder in this system is 0.05 to 500.0 Hz. The sample rate for the SAECG file is 1,000 samples per second for all ECG channels. These are the minimum requirements of the American and European Heart Associations for diagnostic SAECG Late Potentials. This eliminates all of the other Holter recorders from being able to meet the diagnostic criteria.

A SAECG display allows all of the ECG beats in the SAECG file to be edited.

Premier Holter Monitor Software
SAECG Late Potentials
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
SAECG Late Potentials...Time Domain

Details of Time on Holter Monitor

The "Time Domain" display performs a detailed time domain analysis of the SAECG. The section at the end of the QRS that is designated for SAECG Late Potential analysis is color-coded. This gives the user a visual verification that the analysis is being conducted in the appropriate area.

For the expert, a full range of editing tools are available.

This Holter monitor system can be entered into a multi-computer network, so that several different computer work stations can have access to the review, editing, and printing of the Holter ECG data. The resulting Holter ECG reports can then be transferred by the internet to other interested parties.

Each computer work station in the network that wants to access the main Holter acquisition computer must include its own Holter security key. The remote computers in the network can view the data, edit the data, and print the Holter ECG reports.

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
SAECG Late Potentials...Spectral Frequency