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Holter Premier Monitoring Software from The Bravo Company

This menu shows a 24-hour graph of minimum and maximum heart rate for each individual minute. All ventricular and artifact beats have been eliminated from the minute-by-minute analysis. From this holter monitoring software analysis, minutes of atrial fibrillation/flutter are determined. A vertical marker can be moved to any specific 1-minute location. The displayed 1-minute ECG verifies the existence or non- existence of atrial fibrillation/flutter. Any minute can be edited. An icon command allows all detected SVE beats to be de-classified from the SVE beat count.

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter Analysis
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
QT Validation

QT analysis is avoided in most Holter systems and equipment. However, elongation of the QT interval can be the precursor to a mortality event. The detection of abnormal QTc and QT intervals are important analysis functions for a Holter ECG recording. This Holter system has the most advanced QT validation program available holter monitoring software .

QT is analyzed on a beat-to-beat basis. The heart rate is factored into the QT analysis so that QTc and QT measurements are made for the same data. A QTc histogram is then developed. Those QTc measurements at the far right side of the histogram that exceed a QTc of 450 ms are generally recognized as the worrisome QT intervals.

The mouse arrow is placed on a selected QTc interval, and its actual ECG is displayed on the screen display with holter monitoring software . The "Ruler" function is then activated to verify that the correct QT and QTc measurements were made. If appropriate, the QTc histogram data can be rejected. When the data is verified as being an abnormal QTc and QT event, the data is saved and included in the QT report.

Each and every QTc and QT abnormality is easily and quickly validated.

After the mouse is clicked on a location on the QTc histogram, the data is first displayed in the 16 per page ECG format. Vertical markers are shown at both the beginning of the Q-wave and the end of the T-wave. The purpose is to give the user a visual validation that the QT analysis was performed for the correct QT interval. For more detailed viewing, the large 8-second ECG is instantly displayed. Vertical QT markers are also shown on this display for further QT validation with holter monitoring software .

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
QT Markers of ECG Display
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
Heart Rate Variability
This displays shows the Poincare and Lorenz plots across the top of the display. The left side is a spectral power graph. The user can adjust the VLF, LF, and HF ranges to whatever they believe is correct for their testing purposes. The right side of the graph is a Time Domain R-R interval graph. You can view the ECG data at either far end of the histogram to determine if any of these ECG's should be rejected from the HRV data file.


Each 5-minute data period is analyzed by the spectral frequency methodology. A power graph is drawn for each 5-minute period, and then overlayed over each other. The resulting 3 D power graph creates a 24-hour power graph that provides instant visual understanding of the patient's heart rate variability with holter monitoring software .

This Holter system includes the unique feature of measuring the drug efficacy in relation to HRV. The user simply enters the time of taking the medication, and an immediate analysis shows the reference spectral power compared to the first 30 minutes after medication, and the first hour, and the first 2-hours, and the first 4-hours, and the first 8-hours.

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
3D Power Graf
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
SAnalysis of each 5-Minute Period in the 3 D Power Graph
Spectral analysis of each 5-minute period is calculated. Power is calculated for Total Power, VLF Power, LF Power, HF Power, and a formula for determining if the period was sympathetic or parasympathetic in origin.


The user can select all or some of the report pages for the printed Holter ECG report. Each page of the report can be shown in the "print preview" mode.

If Full Disclosure was not printed during the initial analysis mode, then full flexibility is provided for any selected Full Disclosure print-outs.

This menu also allows report prints for Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Event ECG, and Vectorcardiography reports.

Physician Comments can be enhanced by the physician. A library of physician comments can be stored for quick insertion, whenever desired by the physician.

Holter Premier Monitoring Software
Report Menu
Holter Premier Monitoring Software
PRIOR Program
This menu stores both the Holter Report for each patient, and the 100% ECG file for each Holter recording. Batch Printing of multiple Holter ECG reports is also accomplished with this menu. The Holter recording file is automatically stored into this program. If desired, the Holter ECG file can be deleted.

This menu also includes a Diagnosis "search" capability. For example, the physician or technician may label each completed Holter recording with various labels: such as; V-Tach, HRV, QT, ST, etc. At a later date the physician may want to do some research work on the QT patients. You would simply go to this Prior menu and type in "QT" and click on the search icon. All of the QT patient files, containing 100% of their Holter ECG recordings, would be retrieved.

Exporting and Importing of PRIOR files with CD's:
The storage of Holter ECG Reports and 100% Holter recording files can be stored on either the computer's hard disk or can be transferred onto CD's. Standard Windows database searches allow for retrieval of archived patient data with holter monitoring software .
This Holter system can be entered into a multi-computer network, so that several different computer work stations can have access to the review, editing, and printing of the Holter ECG data. The resulting Holter ECG reports can then be transferred by the internet to other interested parties.

Each computer work station in the network that wants to access the main Holter acquisition computer must include its own Holter security key. The remote computers in the network can view the data, edit the data, and print the Holter ECG reports with holter monitoring software .

Holter Premier Monitoring Software