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Premier Holter Monitors

Holter Monitors Systems & Software

Premier Holter Monitors Systems Recording Software from The Bravo Company.

Holter Monitoring Features:

  • Genuine Windows Software Programmed in C++
  • Holter Analysis for Arrhythmia's, ST, and Pauses
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Event ECG Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Variability with Spectral & Time Domain
  • SAECG Late Potentials
  • 12-Lead ECG Strips
  • Pacemaker
  • Echocardiography
  • Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter Analysis
  • QT Validation Program
Premier Holter Monitor Software

Holter Monitor Premier Recording Software

You can use either 5 or 7 electrodes for your 3-Lead Holter Monitoring Systems ECG recording. There is a switch on the recorder's circuit board that allows you to select 5 or 7 electrodes. If you select the 7 electrode configuration, you can also print 12-Lead ECG's from any part of the 24-hour Holter ECG recording.
Placing the electrodes in the Orthogonal XYZ locations will allow you to print the ECG strips in either 3-Leads or in 12-Leads. There is a Lead Placement menu that displays the various suggested electrode locations for 5 and 7 electrodes.

Holter Monitor ECG Lead Configuration

Holter Monitors Premier Recording Software




The frequency response of the Holter monitor systems is 0.05 to 500.0 Hz. The sample rate during the SAECG Late Potentials recording is 1,000 samples per second in all ECG channels. The read-in sample rate during the Holter ECG recording is 512 samples. This capability provides the best Holter recording capability for pacemakers, SAECG Late Potential, and heart rate variability.

The Holter monitoring "Event" ECG recorder first records a standard 24-hour, 3-channel ECG which is followed by up to 600 minutes of 3-channel ECG "Event" strips. This recorder uses only 3 electrodes. For symptomatic events, the patient presses the recorder's Event button. For asymptomatic events, the recorder's software automatically selects the 3-channel, 1-minute ECG recording. The "Event" ECG data is processed with the same program as the standard Holter recorders.

The digital Holter monitoring systems recorders use 40, 48, or 64 MB compact (mini) flash cards. Prior to the patient recording, the patient information is entered into the flash card. When the patient returns after the Holter recording is completed, the memory flash card is removed from the recorder, and inserted into the Holter playback system. The patient data is then automatically entered by the computer. The patient information data is displayed, so that the operator can validate the specific patient information. This capability provides security to the physician and patient, so that there will be no mix-up of memory flash cards and patient names. Holter Premier Recording Software
Patient "Enroll" Program
Holter Premier Recording Software
ST and QT Set-Up

Visual Validation on Holter Monitor

Visual validation of proper sample points for ST and QT analysis are provided. These vertical and colored markers can be moved to any location desired by the Holter monitor operator. Any ECG beat during the entire 24-hour holter recording can be selected for the ST/QT Set-up. The following 24-hour analysis of ST, QT, Arrhythmia's, Pauses, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, SAECG Late Potentials, Echocardiography, etc. is then completed in about 1-minute. The ST and QT is analyzed on a beat-to-beat basis for all beats, except ventricular and artifact beats.


After Holter Monitor Analysis

After the analysis is completed, the Data Access Choices menu is displayed. This system menu allows you immediate access to Edit, PageScan, MegaScan, QT Validation, Atrial Fib, HRV, ECG Strips, Hourly Counts, SAECG Late Potentials, Reports, and Re-Analysis.

This menu allows the Holter monitoring operator access to many functions that do not exist on most Holter ECG systems. These functions include detailed editing of SVE beats, Aberrant beats, Normal beats, 2:1 blocks in fast heart rates, QT and QTc Validation, Atrial Fib/Flutter analysis, 3D Power and Poincare in HRV, 12-Lead ECG strips, diagnostic SAECG Late Potentials, Echocardiography, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, and Event ECG.

Holter Premier Recording Software
Data Access Choices