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QRS-Card™ ECG Medical Stress Testing System

The QRS-Card™ Since 1990 the industry leader in portable ECG Medical Stress testing systems. Resting ECG and Stress ECG

The QRS-Card™ is light weight and extremely portable heart ECG Stress testing system designed to easily connect to any Windows 98/00+ (IBM compatible) computer. The computer system includes the external ECG module, 12 lead patient cable and software.

The software program is easy-to-use and facilitates real-time heart ECG viewing, permanent ECG storage & retrieval. Comprehensive ECG reports can be instantly printed on virtually any printer.

Stress Testing ECG heart monitor equipment

Software flexibility allows the user to select desired Stress Testing parameters and protocols. Chart speed, Gain and ST measurement points are also adjustable. Stress test Treadmill speed and elevation can be manually or automatically controlled. The informative main screen displays ST deviations, ST trends, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure along with real-time ECG. Data is easily visualized, thereby enhancing the ability of the physician to evaluate the patients' condition during Medical Stress testing.

Features QRS-Card ECG Heart Stress Testing System:

  • Real-time ECG Stress Test viewing 
  • Programmable Stress ECG Protocols 
  • 12 lead Resting ECG Testing  
  • Comprehensive Report formats 
  • Instant ECG report output 
  • Permanent ECG test storage & retrieval 
  • Automatic Interval Measurements QT Interval, QTC, PR, and QRS 
  • Adjustable ST measurement point 
  • ST and Heart Rate Trends 
  • Selectable ECG lead display 
  • Adjustable Gain & chart speed 
  • Blood Pressure data displayed 
  • Optical Patient Isolation-4,000 Volt power isolation and 360 joules defibrillator protection assures patient safety 

Stress Testing Main Screen Displays:

ST Trend, current Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, ST measurement setup, elapsed Medical Stress test time, Workload (ergometer load), Treadmill Speed (MPH) and Elevation, Protocol, Stage Time, Stage/Step/Type, Target Heart Rate, and Baseline QRS complex. 

QRS-Card Stress Testing ECG Display